Glaziers | 3 Actions To Prevent Broken Windows From Boosting Energy Bills Upwards

The obvious security breach of broken windows is most noteworthy, making your home susceptible to break-ins. But most homeowners tend to ignore the other threat that comes from broken windows –– higher energy bills. While windows and energy bills seem unconnected, they are more correlated than you can imagine. Heat gain through un-shaded windows in summer can rise by nearly 87 percent, while windows in winter can allow up to 40 percent of the home's heat to escape.

Say Goodbye To Soap Scum On Glass Showers!

A stylish glass shower cubicle undoubtedly gives a bathroom a modern, fresh appeal.  Glass shower screens look great when they are sparkling clean, but soap scum can quickly build up, leaving your shower glass looking cloudy and grubby.  Here's how to return your shower cubicle glass to gleaming glory in just a few simple steps, using a few household items that you'll probably already have in your kitchen cupboards.  This method avoids the use of chemicals and bleaches that could damage the grouting and plastic sealant in your shower cubicle and doesn't entail hours of scrubbing to get great results.

How to Remove Hard Water Spots Without Damaging Your Windows

Many people complain that the cleaning chemicals they use to remove stubborn hard water spots from windows often cause the glass to develop scratches. This article discusses a simple method that you can use to clean off those spots without causing any damage to your window glass. Step 1: Prepare a Vinegar-Water Mixture Mix one cup of water with one cup of vinegar. Reduce or increase this quantity based on how many windows you have to clean.

How to Keep Your Aluminum Window Frames Sparkling Clean

The powder coating on aluminum door and window frames can deteriorate if grime and dirt are allowed to build up on those frames. That deterioration can cause the beautiful sheen of the frames to lose its luster. This article discusses how you can clean those frames so that dirt does not accumulate on them. Step 1: Dust the Window Frames Use a damp washcloth for this task. Alternatively, you can use a feather duster.

Choosing a Good Emergency Glass Repair Company

Glass repair services are highly required during some stressful moments. The affected individuals will have to find an expert to come and fix their broken glasses. Therefore, one must ensure that the glazier is someone who is suitable and dependable and offers their services at an affordable price. They should also be available and easy to access whenever you need them in addition to offering assistance in filling chips and cracks and any issues that may come up.