How To Tell If Your New Car Needs A Windscreen Replacement

While replacing a windscreen might seem like something that is primarily a problem for older cars, the truth is that every year quite a few new cars will need theirs replaced for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, it can be hard to accept that your brand new car has a fault that needs to be repaired, but it is always better to be safe than sorry, and if you leave the windscreen in place, you could potentially be risking serious injury or even worse when out on the road. Here are a few signs that your brand new car needs a windscreen replacement

Squeaky Seals

Sometimes there can be a problem with the seal around the windscreen if the car is brand new. Whether the problem is the manufacturer's fault or just something that has jolted it loose on the journey, a squeaky seal is not something that you should be putting up with. Not only can it be very annoying, it means that your windscreen is not as snugly fit into place as it should be and that it is now in quite a vulnerable state. If it is left alone, it can get pushed out by something much more minor than you might expect, and so it has to be investigated by an expert auto glazier right away. 

Hairline Cracks

With a brand new car, you are more likely to be hyper-vigilant about every tiny little problem that you see because the car should be spotless. This can be quite lucky because if you notice a hairline crack on your windscreen, then you need to get it looked at for repair or replacement. While not a big deal on its own, a hairline crack on a windscreen is almost certainly going to become much bigger in a short period of time due to the natural bumps and shocks it will get while you drive. It is far better to sort it out now than when you have a bigger issue on your hands.

Odd Noises

If your windscreen seems to shift and make noises as you are driving, then that might not be all in your head, especially if you notice it on multiple occasions. It is possible for windscreens to be fitted poorly during construction. Strange noises coming from your car are never a good thing, whether it is your windscreen, engine or even seatbelts, so make sure that you don't lull yourself into a false sense of security by thinking that new cars do not have windscreen problems. Attend to the problem in its current state and you will be able to drive better from that point on.