Repairs You May Need While Using Frameless Shower Screens

Frames glass shower screens are known for adding a touch of elegance and boosting a bathroom's functionality. They also make bathroom maintenance easy and increase natural light, hence reducing electricity overreliance during the day. However, regardless of how keen you are while using frameless shower screens, the components still go through normal wear daily. As such, you may be forced to deal with common problems, especially with the shower doors. This post will outline common frameless shower glass repairs so you can know when to seek repair services from a pro.

The shower door isn't closing properly

If you find it difficult to close the glass door, you should consider checking the condition of the screws. There is a chance that you have loose screws that need tightening so the door can stay closed. Therefore, check the hinges, latches, and handles to see if you have loose screws, then use a screwdriver to tighten them. If the problem isn't loose screws, then you should try cleaning the entire hinge area. Get vinegar or any homemade cleaning agent and scrub or wipe the scum off. Once you get rid of the scum build-up, the door will close properly.

Scratches on the screen

As you continue to use your shower screen, it may get scratched by an object. Other times scratches do occur when you use a brush to scrub the screen. Although scratches might seem easy to fix, they should only be assigned to a specialist. The professionals can either fill in the defects or buff out the scratches to have a smooth glass. If you opt to DIY, you can overdo it or mishandle the task, hence damaging the shower screen. Once the damage is done, you will have no option but to replace the shower glass, which will cost you more unnecessarily.

The shower door drags

This issue is experienced by property owners who installed a sliding door. If you notice that the door drags every time you try to open or close it, the issue could be misalignment. Over time, the clamps can get misaligned due to debris build-up. Do not try to fix this issue on your own since it is not just about cleaning the door. The frameless door has to be removed from the track so the dirt and scum can be removed before the door is fixed back. Therefore, get an experienced expert to do the cleaning and re-adjustment work to avoid damaging the door.

For more information about taking care of shower screens, reach out to a professional.