Ways to Optimise Your Custom Glass Shower

Glass showers come with an array range of options, and by picking the right ones, you'll get the best result for your bathroom, both functionally and aesthetically. Consider the following ways to optimise your new glass shower.

Adjust It for Your Bathroom Size

Make sure to be flexible in your thinking when picking the shape and size of your new enclosure. For a small bathroom, consider placing it in a corner. A hexagonal unit will help to preserve floor area as this shape doesn't have a corner point that juts out.

You can also customise the shower to give the illusion and feeling of spaciousness by reducing visual detail and clutter. Frameless shower screens require minimal metal hardware; these screens will render the enclosure almost invisible, leaving the bathroom feeling more clear and open. You can also eliminate the door and associated handle and hinges by installing fixed panels only, sectioning off a corner to create a wet room effect. 

However, if the bathroom is larger, you might have other priorities, such as an extra-large shower. You might be able to screen off one end of a long narrow room, for example, for the shower which would then be completed with three tiled walls.

Provide Privacy

While glass screens open up the bathroom, they do this by affording a clear view of the shower. This may not be favourable to all household members, some of whom may prefer privacy. To get around this and make everyone happy you could install frosted shower screens.

They're available in a vast array of designs, including exquisite filigrees, modern geometric shapes, or smooth unembellished cloudy sheens. You can adjust the degree of transparency for more or less blocking. Additionally, you can install screens with frosting patterns along the centre part, leaving the glass clear along the top and bottom of the panel. This way, the shower will be mainly private, while light can flow through the top and bottom sections. 

Add a Surprise Element

If you have a lush garden outside and the shower is set against an external-facing wall, you could add a surprise element and create the sense of bathing outdoors. For this effect, replace the external tiled wall with a window, providing a view of the green foliage and plants. You'll then be able to shower while being close to nature. To ensure privacy, you could build a privacy fenced garden space on the other side. 

Pick the Right Door

The shower door may not seem that exciting an element, but picking the wrong one could be annoying day-to-day when using the room. Remember that an outward swinging door will block off some floor area momentarily, so consider this in the planning stage. Whether this would be a problem depends on the bathroom layout and the number of people using it. To prevent congestion, you could install a sliding door that moves compactly to the side. 

For more information on shower screens, contact a supplier near you.