Ways Security Screens Can Benefit Your Home

The comfort and security of your home is paramount for the well being of friends and family. Security screens are one update that can help on both fronts, plus they can benefit your home in numerous other ways. Read on to discover their advantages in detail.

Provides Security

Generously sized windows and glass doors brighten up a home, creating a pleasant space even on overcast days. However, when open, they can pose a security risk by offering intruders ample entryways. With the use of screens, you can enjoy a breezy, airy indoor space, comfortable in the knowledge that your home is safe.

Breaks Down The Indoors/Outdoors Divide

Opening your windows and doors breaks down the divide between inside and outside. It allows you to hear the twittering of birds in the garden and feel the balmy breeze against your skin. Security mesh allows a view so you can enjoy a lush garden or watch children playing outside to keep an eye on their play. You can sit on the inner side and get the benefits of being outdoors.

Standards Provide Guidelines

Security standards regulate the construction of security screens so you can select a model that fits your needs.  Screens can undergo various tests, such as jemmy and shear knife tests, which apply pressure against the screen, trying to pry it open or slice the mesh. These procedures attempt to simulate a break-in attempt by an intruder. When installing your screen, you can consider the tests it has undergone and the security it provides.

Release Mechanisms Offer Emergency Exit

Consider how security screens on a window will perform in the unfortunate event of a fire. Windows can provide a vital emergency exit. Some window screens have a release mechanism, which is accessible from inside to allow a quick escape route. 

Protect From Cyclones And Fires

If you live in a bushfire- or cyclone-prone area, it may be well worth it to install a security screen that passes additional tests and offers extra protection. With cyclonic debris screening, the glass windows have a buffer from the wild conditions. You won't need to worry about boarding up the windows. Regulations can differ across Australia, so check that the screens you purchase suit your region. Bushfires are another risk to consider if you live in certain areas. Make sure to check whether your screens have undergone tests to ensure their safety in the case of fire.