3 Helpful Tips for Applying Fresh Putty on Your Glass Windows

Glaziers use putty (a paste made from different materials such as linseed oil and chalk) to hold glass panes in place. Over time, pieces of putty can become detached from the window frame. This puts the glass in your windows at the risk of falling out and breaking. You can prevent the high glass repair costs of such damage by applying a fresh layer of putty on those windows. This article discusses some helpful tips that you can use as you conduct this preventive maintenance task.

Use a Heat Gun

Many people reach for a propane torch and use it to heat the old putty that they would like to remove and replace. This is a big mistake for several reasons. First, the intense heat from the propane torch can cause the window frame to burst into flames. This is especially true for wooden frames that have been losing moisture for all the years that the window has been in place. The other reason why it is not advisable to use a propane torch is that the intense heat will cause the putty to start giving off smoke. It is much better to use a heat gun. Buy one from a hardware store near you. The heat gun will generate less heat than the propane torch. That heat will be sufficient to soften the putty so that you can remove it with ease.

Do Not Have a Hammer Close to You

Many DIY putty application projects go awry when the person succumbs to the temptation to get hold of a hammer and a chisel to force the old putty out. Do not include a hammer on the list of items that you will use during this project. Use a flat putty knife to pry the old putty gently out. If you meet with limited success, apply more heat from the heat gun. This cautious approach will protect your window glass from being damaged by the force of a hammer.

Avoid Latex Based Putty

This type of putty is very popular for DIY projects because it dries quickly. However, it hardly forms a smooth surface that you can paint easily. Thus, you run the risk of cracking the window glass as you paint the new putty.

Use the tips above to apply a new coat of putty so that you keep costly glass repairs at bay. You can also work alongside a glass repair professional so that you learn the best way to perform the task. This will enable you to perform subsequent repairs on your own.