Glaziers | 3 Actions To Prevent Broken Windows From Boosting Energy Bills Upwards

The obvious security breach of broken windows is most noteworthy, making your home susceptible to break-ins. But most homeowners tend to ignore the other threat that comes from broken windows –– higher energy bills. While windows and energy bills seem unconnected, they are more correlated than you can imagine.

Heat gain through un-shaded windows in summer can rise by nearly 87 percent, while windows in winter can allow up to 40 percent of the home's heat to escape. This causes a great deal of stress on your cooling and heating units, and they end up consuming more electricity. Heating and cooling costs already account for 40 percent of an average home's energy. Broken windows will yield even more startling statistics, as heaters and air conditioners work harder to maintain comfortable temperatures. To combat these problems, you'll need to hire glaziers in your area to fix your broken windows using these solutions.

Replace Broken Window With Double Glazed Glass:

Double-glazing will help to retain heat outside or inside, depending on the season. Apart from its heat protection properties, it also reduces outside noises in your home. Double-glazing works equally well for hot conditions as it does for cold climates. This is because it retains cool air conditioning in your home. Double-glazed glass is an ideal choice for reducing energy bills because each pane traps air between them to serve as insulation protection in the home. If your windows are broken, getting a glazier in your area to install double-glazed glass is not only prudent from a safety perspective, but it will also reduce your energy consumption because it prevents inside air from escaping and outside air from entering your home.

Choose High Performance Windows

You'll naturally want to choose high performance windows to reduce your energy bills. The Window Energy Rating Scheme (WERS) issues a star rating for window performances. Windows with more stars are better energy savers. Ask your glazier to install glass with higher stars when replacing your broken windows.

Protect Your New Glass With Window Tint Films

While double-glazing is an excellent way to trap air, it will not prevent sunlight from entering and heating your home. Installing window films on double-glazed glass will reduce the amount of heat gain through windows. These window tint films are perfect for the blazing hot Australian sun because they reduce the amount of glare and sunlight that comes through open windows –– maintaining a comfortable temperature throughout. Installing tint films is an easy DIY job, but you can also ask the glazier to install it for you once he has replaced your broken window glass.

Follow these actions when hiring glaziers in your area to replace your broken glass, and reduce your energy bills.