Six DIY Steps of Repairing Windows

Glass windows are easy to repair without necessarily having to repair the entire window. There are several signs that indicate a window pane requires replacement and they include; discoloring, cracking, blemishes and availability of moisture in between the glass panes. Glass window pane repair is something you can easily do yourself. This article gives you steps on how to do replace a broken window pane with the following supplies at your disposal:

  • protective gloves
  • safety goggles
  • putty knife
  • utility knife
  • paint
  • window glaze
  • window nails

Step 1: Gather protective clothing and supplies

Gather the supplies you need to get the job done.  It is very important to keep safe while working with broken window panes. This requires protective clothing and eyewear which include goggles, protective gloves, long sleeved shirt, closed shoes, and pants. Protective eyewear protects your eyes from a piece of glass in case there is shuttering.

Step 2: Remove glass from the window

This step calls for utmost precaution. Be sure not to take chances and put on gloves. Care should be taken so that you do not cut your arms or drop the glass on the ground. A shattered pane is quite easy to remove as you only need to take out the pieces one by one. If the glass happens to just have a crack, you will be required to take out the entire pane.

Step 3: Remove old putty

By use of a putty knife or utility knife, take your time to remove all the old putty from the window frame. Removal ease of putty varies from frame to frame. Be careful not to remove too much of it at once as that could damage the wood. Care should also be taken while removing putty so that the paint around it is not damaged. All putty should be removed leaving no bumps on the window pane.

Step 4: measure window opening and order glass

After removal and preparation of a pane, take measurements of the opening so that you are aware of exactly what type of glass to order for.

Step 5: Dry fit and place glass

Dry fit your ordered piece of glass just to be sure fitting will be proper. With assurance, put putty all around the window pane and then place the glass.

Step 6: Replace nail fasteners and finish

Replace the old nails with new ones to hold the window in place. Care should be taken while bending the fasteners as too much pressure could cause the new piece of glass to break. Add another layer of putty all around the window pane and finally, do the finishing by painting the putty.

For assistance, talk to a window repair professional.