The 4 Steps of Making a Custom Glass Splashback

The best splashbacks (panels that shield walls from splashes of water or other liquids) are bespoke splashbacks. This is because they are fabricated to fit the exact dimensions of your home. This article discusses the different stages of making the custom glass splashback of your kitchen at home.

Step 1: Selecting Specifications

In this stage, your role is to clarify what exactly you want. For instance, you have to decide how much of the wall will be covered by the splashback. Some people may wish to have the entire wall covered. Others may want only the part around the cooker or oven to be covered. You also need to pick the type or finish of glass that you want. Examples include frosted glass and printed glass. Your preferred custom splashback maker may send a salesperson to your home so that you provide the details of the specifications that you want.

Step 2: Taking Measurements

This step may be combined with step one above. Taking measurements involves creating a template outlining the dimensions to be covered by the splashback. The template includes details of such items like the size and location of power outlets or switches. This is a very crucial stage because it determines how well the splashback made will fit in your kitchen. You should be present when measurements are being taken so that the person sent over can get your opinion if the need arises. Many suppliers give you a quote once the measurements have been taken. This is because they now have an accurate idea of what it will take to install what you want.

Step 3: Fabrication

The splashback maker will now use the feedback from step two to make your custom splashback. He or she will use as few pieces of glass as possible in order to limit the number of joints in the finished product. This allows the installed splashback to have a smooth finish.

Step 4: Installation

This is the final step of the process. The cut glass is transported to your home. An installer glues the pieces onto the wall using the strongest adhesive available. The bespoke splashback will fit in your kitchen perfectly.

Experienced custom splashback suppliers rarely run into any setbacks during the installation process. This is because they carefully cut the glass based on the precise measurements that were taken. You should install custom glass splashbacks in your kitchen so that the finished product is a flawless work of art. Keep in touch with your glass splashback supplier so that you get advance notice of each step of the manufacturing process.