How to Remove Hard Water Spots Without Damaging Your Windows

Many people complain that the cleaning chemicals they use to remove stubborn hard water spots from windows often cause the glass to develop scratches. This article discusses a simple method that you can use to clean off those spots without causing any damage to your window glass.

Step 1: Prepare a Vinegar-Water Mixture

Mix one cup of water with one cup of vinegar. Reduce or increase this quantity based on how many windows you have to clean. If it is a tiny spot on one window, prepare a limited volume of this mixture (100ml of each liquid, for example).

Step 2: Wipe the Spots

Get a soft towel and dip it into the vinegar-water mixture. Wipe this wet towel over the hard water spots on your window glass. Ensure that the towel remains wet with that fluid as you wipe the blemishes on the glass.

Step 3: Cover the Hard Water Spots

Use the wet towel to cover the water spots on the window. This will allow the vinegar-water mixture to react with the minerals that dried on the glass, thereby loosening them. The other option you can take is to drape that wet towel over the window, and then leave it for several minutes. Just make sure that the towel remains in contact with the glass.

Step 4: Buff the Window

Buff the hard water spot off the glass until there is no mark visible on the glass. Repeat the steps above in case there are some stubborn hard water marks that remain after this first treatment.

Step 5: Inspect the Glass

The minerals that caused the spots on the glass can penetrate the porous glass and cause it to corrode or develop some cracks. This is most likely to happen if the hard water spots have been there for an extended period. Call an emergency glass repair professional to repair any damage that you cannot repair on your own using DIY glass repair kits.

Follow the steps above to remove any hard water spots promptly before they cause additional damage to your window glass. Ask the emergency glass repair expert to suggest additional ways that you can use to keep hard water spots at bay. For instance, he or she may recommend that you use window protectors to form a barrier that will stop mineral deposits contained in the water that flows from your roof from collecting on the window glass when it rains.