What to Do When Your Car Windshield Cracks

A car windshield crack or chip is not something to overlook, and it's always good to call for emergency glass repair if the crack or chip is very serious. This can be something that has spread across the windshield, that has penetrated all the layers of the glass, or that interferes with your overall vision. While it's always good to have such a chip or crack repaired by a glass professional, such as those at Midland Glass and Aluminium, there are a few things you can do in the meantime. This will keep your windshield from outright shattering and also keep the chip or crack as small as possible, so the repair is as quick and as affordable as possible. Note a few tips to consider.

1. Protect it against dirt

Dirt that has lodged into a chip or crack can make it harder to repair overall. It's good to protect the chip or crack from dirt by covering it over with a small piece of clear tape. Be sure the tape doesn't obstruct your view when driving, and you may need to replace it if it should come loose. Don't try to clean out any dirt that has lodged into the crack as this is best left to your emergency glass repair company, but until they arrive and especially if you still need to drive your car, cover up the chip with clear tape.

2. Avoid extreme temperatures 

Too much heat can actually weaken a windshield in any situation, but when there is a crack or chip, this vulnerable area can then soften all the more when the glass is exposed to heat. Remember that your car's windshield is not the same material as a drinking glass or windowpanes, but is made with a softer type of flexible glass that is more shatter-resistant and therefore safer during a collision. While this softer glass makes it safer for the car's passenger, it can then soften even more when exposed to heat. If your windshield has a crack or chip, don't park in direct sunlight and cover the windshield if possible.

As too much heat can cause your windshield to become soft, too much cold can make it become brittle and this too can cause the windshield to shatter around the vulnerable area of the chip or crack. Be careful about running your air conditioner at full blast or using the defroster when the windshield has a crack or chip. You can usually run these but only very slightly; extreme temperatures should be avoided when the windshield is cracked.